What Does a Blower Motor Wiring Diagram Show?

The blower motor wiring diagram shows the visual representation of the unit holding the blower motor. The wiring diagram clearly identifies the fan relay, and in the case of a multispeed motor, it clearly shows the different speed terminals and the terminal location.

The centralized heating and cooling systems employ blower motors to force air through the duct system. The blower motor speed wires connect to the fan relay. The blower motor utilizes a run capacitor to maintain a constant voltage supply across its secondary windings. The fan relay uses a low-voltage signal to activate its high-voltage switch. The wiring diagram explains all the connections between the fan relay and the blower motor.

The wire identification label of the blower motor is located on the housing of the motor. The identification label provides the color of the insulation wire and its corresponding function. The different speed terminals in the wiring diagram are identified with high, medium or low identification labels.

The diagram shows the wire connection of the blower motor capacitor wires to the capacitor terminals. These wires have brown-colored insulation. The wires from the power source are shown with black-colored insulation. The common wire usually has a white-colored insulation.

The blower motor high-speed wire usually has black insulation, the medium-speed wire has blue or yellow insulation, and the low-speed wire has red insulation. Refer the diagram to do the actual connections.