What Does a Blind Cutting Service Do?


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A blind cutting service reduces the size of blinds that are a poor fit for the windows they cover. Customers of such services typically bring in blinds when they move to a new home and want to customize the earlier home's blinds for the new windows, or when a previous decorator incorrectly customized the blinds for the current residence.

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Blind cutting services commonly garner business from customers who have ordered the wrong size blinds from a manufacturer. Customers may bring the blinds directly into the service center, ship the blinds to the service center through the mail, or contact a blind cutting facility to arrange a house call. Cutting down existing blinds is usually considerably cheaper than purchasing entirely new blinds.

The Blind Repair Shop in Vancouver, Washington offers blind cutting amongst its services. The shop cautions customers that manufacturers of blinds commonly stipulate in their product warranties that having blinds cut by anyone other than the original manufacturer automatically invalidates the coverage of the warranty.

The blind cutting service Precision Cut Down warns customers that there are blinds that are not suitable for alteration. The service encourages customers to call its service number for consultation about their particular blinds.

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