Does Bleach Kill Roaches?

Bleach can kill roaches if the cleaner is sprayed directly onto the insect. For example, it is possible to kill roaches inside a drain pipe by pouring the cleaner into the drain.

To kill roaches with bleach, fill a spray bottle with bleach and water and spray the insects directly. Use bleach with caution, because it can easily discolor fabrics and upholstery. Bleach is also corrosive and can damage metal when used consistently. For instance, cleaning drains with bleach may damage the pipes and result in the need for repairs. Typically, bleach is used sparingly to treat very minor infestations.

Non-porous surfaces can safely be sprayed with bleach. For instance, most bathtubs, kitchen counters and vinyl floors can be exposed to bleach without damaging the material. A standard cleaner that contains a small amount of chlorine bleach can be used in these areas to kill roaches. Bathrooms and kitchens can also be cleaned with a bleach solution to kill bacteria commonly carried by roaches. Bleach is typically ineffective for treating serious roach infestations. Serious roach infestations often require a professionally applied insecticide or bait system to eliminate the pests from the home.

To reduce wear on drain pipes and other fixtures in the home, use a diluted bleach solution infrequently. Hot, soapy water is also an alternative to bleach that kills roaches effectively without causing damage to the items in the home.