How Do You Bleach Dark Blue Jeans?

It's safe and straightforward to use bleach to lighten dark blue jeans to the preferred color. Prepare the area and follow guidelines on the product carefully to prevent splashes or accidents. Then, use the right solution of bleach in a large container to immerse the jeans until they are the right shade. Careful laundering is needed afterwards to remove bleach residue.

  1. Prepare for bleach splashes

    Wear old clothing so that bleach splashes are not an issue. Place newspapers on the floor near the washer and dryer in case of spills, and place the chosen container on top of this layer.

  2. Prepare the bleach solution

    Fill the basin with a mixture of one part water and one part bleach. A stronger concentration of bleach may burn holes in the jeans.

  3. Treat the jeans

    Wear rubber gloves to submerge the jeans in the solution. Avoid rolling the jeans into a ball to make sure that they are evenly exposed unless patterning is preferred.

  4. Soak the jeans

    Check on the jeans after about 20 minutes to make sure the solution is working. Leave them in the solution for about 30 more minutes before removing the jeans unless a darker shade is preferred.

  5. Wash the jeans

    Wash the jeans in the washing machine on a regular cycle without any other items to rinse out all the bleach. Avoid using any laundry detergent or fabric softener.

  6. Air dry the jeans

    Hang the jeans and allow them to dry completely.