Are Blaze King Wood Stoves Approved for Mobile Homes?

All Blaze King wood stoves are approved for mobile homes, as of 2015. To be safe, the stoves must be installed properly, which means using side shields, rear shield or fans, a fresh air kit and double wall stove pipe. Blaze King wood inserts, however, do have not approval for mobile homes.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD, approves stoves for mobile home installation. These homes have specific requirements because clearance distances from combustible surfaces?walls, ceilings, trim moldings, furniture and wood storage boxes?are different than in conventional homes. The materials used in making mobile homes also typically conduct heat better. In addition, burning wood uses oxygen in the indoor environment, and mobile homes generally have less living space than conventional homes.

Wood stoves are tested by laboratories authorized by HUD. Approved stoves have metal tags on their backs indicating the authorization. Prefabricated chimney systems must be certified, as well. Manufacturers' installation guidelines are based on standards from the Underwriters' Laboratory.

A variety of approved wood stoves are available. While some are produced just for mobile homes, some standard stoves are safe in manufactured homes if adapter kits are used. Before installing wood stoves, home owners should check with their local building inspectors to learn if permits are necessary.