What Is the Best Blade to Use for Smoothies on the Ninja Blender?

The top and bottom blade set work best for making smoothies in the Ninja blender jar, but the cup only works with one set of blades. When using the jar, the removal of the top set of blades after crushing the ice results in a smoother texture.

Use of the top set of blades when blending frozen materials, including ice cubes or frozen fruit, works well in conjunction with the quad blade. The top blade ensures the frozen food works its way to the bottom of the jar and mixes throughout the smoothie. It eliminates the blade spinout common with less expensive blenders.

The single-serve cups for the Ninja blender allow the user to remove the blades from the cup after preparing the smoothie and replace them with a cap to provide a portable meal. While this option eliminates using the quad blade, the smaller blending volume provides acceptable results.

The Ninja Ultima BL810 has a 72-ounce jar and 2.5-horsepower motor. It blends at speeds between 3,700 and 24,000 revolutions per minute. It is gentle enough to prepare whipped cream and strong enough to make almond butter in only 6 minutes. With the correct blade selection, it makes quick work of a morning smoothie.