How Do You Take the Blade Out of the Jack LaLanne's Power Juicer?

blade-out-jack-lalanne-s-power-juicer Credit: tonyjcase/CC-BY-2.0

The Jack La Lanne Power Juicer is a great tool, but it must be maintained properly to get the best results. Use the steps below to remove the blade to clean it and verify that it is working properly.

  1. Remove the chute and lower the locking bar

    After unplugging the juicer, there will be a chute that pushes fruit/vegetables down into the blade. Remove this to allow access to the blade. Further, there is a locking bar attached to both sides of the juicer that locks the case in place when in use. Lower this by pushing it away from the center of the juicer, causing it to fall to the side.

  2. Lift the pulp guard

    On top of the blade is the pulp guard, which keeps the pulp going into the pulp receptacle. Remove this by lifting, and this will expose the blade.

  3. Locate the crescent tool and use it to lift/remove the blade

    The crescent tool is a semi-circular plastic tool that has two magnetic posts on the bottom. Look carefully at the blade to locate the corresponding holes for these posts, and place the crescent tool's posts into the holes. The magnetism should be apparent as soon as these poles are in place, and turning counter-clockwise with a gentle downward pressure will remove the blade.