How Are the Blade Fans Cleaned on an Air Conditioner Blower?

To clean the blades of an air conditioner's blower, the homeowner unplugs the unit, removes the blower, wipes the blades down using a bleach solution and scrubs the blades with a stiff brush. A vacuum may be used for other debris inside the air conditioner.

The homeowner begins by gathering a flashlight, soft-bristled brush, wrench, spray bottle and cloth. He mixes a cleaning solution using 1 gallon of warm water and three-fourths-cup of bleach, placing the mixture into a spray bottle. The first step includes flipping the circuit breaker switch that powers the unit to avoid the risk of shock as well as unplugging the air conditioner. The homeowner then uses a wrench to unbolt the unit's outer cover and sets it aside. All other components blocking access to the blower must be removed, and a flashlight can be used to locate the blower. The blower should then be removed from the unit.

The cleaning process itself includes spraying the cleaning solution onto the cloth and gently wiping the blades to remove dust, mold and debris. The soft-bristled brush is used to brush away caked-on debris. Once the blower blades are clean, the blower should be placed back in the unit, and all screws, components and covers should be put back in place.