How Do You Bind an Outdoor Carpet?

How Do You Bind an Outdoor Carpet?

Add binding to an outdoor carpet to help it better withstand wear from natural elements. To bind an outdoor carpet, you need carpet binding tape, carpet cleaner, an iron, shears, straight pins, three-ply sewing thread, an upholstery needle and a vacuum.

  1. Prepare the carpet

    Spot clean any stains or dirty surfaces with the carpet cleaner, then vacuum the carpet around the edges to remove any dirt, debris, hair or loose fibers. Cut any frayed fibers along the edges of the carpet with the shears.

  2. Cut the binding tape

    Cut a strip of the carpet binding tape 2 inches longer than the carpet's edge, then fold the carpet binding tape around the edge of the carpet to ensure it overlaps each side equally.

  3. Hold the carpet in place

    Place the straight pins every 6 inches to secure the binding tape in place temporarily. Make sure the binding tape extends 1 inch past each corner on both ends.

  4. Iron the binding into place

    Set the iron at the appropriate temperature. Remove the straight pins before ironing the binding into place.

  5. Stitch the binding

    Cross stitch the binding to the rug with an upholstery needle and 30/3 three-ply sewing thread.

  6. Secure the binding

    Fold the extra inch of binding tape from each corner under the carpet and secure it with cross stitches. Repeat this entire procedure for each side.