How Do You Bind Carpet Edges?


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Bind carpet edges by using a carpet binding tape designed specifically for your type of rug. The carpet binding has a decorative side and a side that is sticky. The decorative portion is positioned on the front side of the carpet, while the sticky side holds the binding in place on the back side of the carpet.

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A limited number of tools are required to bind carpet edges. Use a straightedge to keeps cuts straight and a utility knife to make the cuts. Be ready to replace the blades with spares once they become dull to ensure easy cutting. Use a marker to mark a line before cutting, and trim any loose fibers with scissors before binding. Finish the end of the carpet binding by applying a dot of hot glue. Place a piece of cardboard underneath the carpet before cutting to protect the floor underneath.

Carpet binding tape can be used on large or small carpet remnants and is generally less expensive than purchasing a ready-made rug. Connect carpet remnants with carpet seaming tape before binding to create a larger surface. Use carpet binding tape and seaming tape to create unique patterns by joining together remnants of different sizes of colors.

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