How Does a Bidet Work?


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Bidets use either a wand or rod with nozzles built into them that are activated either manually or automatically depending on the toilets features. The wand or rod sprays the water in the direction selected and at the desired temperature, but the wand or rod itself never touches the user.

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The wand or rod that is used in a bidet is used for cleaning the individual and the toilet itself. The water used in a bidet comes from the same water line used to fill the tank. The water is not dispensed from the toilet bowl or even inside the tank. The water comes from the household lines and is fresh and clean. There are often additional filters included in the water lines to increase cleanliness and comfort.

There are a variety of different bidet toilet seats, including nonelectric, electric, portable, battery operated and portable. The electric version is the most common and offers the largest array of features, including adjustable temperature control, wand placement, water pressure and spray preferences. There are bidet toilet seat attachments that are installed between the toilet and the toilet seat and use the existing toilet seat when installed. The attachment offers a more affordable version to the more popular electric bidet toilet seat.

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