Which Is a Better Buy: the LG or Samsung Refrigerator?

According to Reviewed.com, a Samsung refrigerator, particularly the RH29H9000SR model in comparison to the LSC22991ST model by LG, is the better option on account of its cooling performance and lower retail price. As far as design, energy efficiency and accessibility go, both brands are fairly even.

The Samsung RH29H9000SR is capable of cooling various food products down to 37 degrees Fahrenheit in the fridge section and 0 degrees Fahrenheit in the freezer. Although the freezer in the LG model matches the cooling performance of the Samsung model, Reviewed.com found that it fails to maintain a solid temperature near the bottom of the fridge section. As of 2015, Samsung refrigerators feature a price that’s approximately $200 to $300 lower when compared to the price of equivalent LG refrigerator models.