How Do You Get Better Air Circulation in a Room?

Improve the air circulation in a room by opening doors and windows, installing vent fans and using traditional fans. Improving air circulation helps to remove moisture, toxins and bad smells from the space.

Opening the doors and windows to a room is often a quick and affordable way to ensure the space has proper air circulation. A closed off room where windows are never open becomes naturally stagnant. Providing circulation with the rest of the house by opening doors often helps to solve the problem; however, opening windows is an even more effective means of increasing circulation that allows fresh air into the home.

Vents, in laundry rooms, bathrooms and kitchens help to remove moisture and water from the space. These vents have a fan that connects to a duct. Switching on vents causes them to pull stale air from the room and replace it with fresh air.

Regular fans are also helpful at improving circulation within a room. A ceiling fan stirs the air mixing the air at ceiling level with that at the floor. Window fans are particularly effective, as they bring in fresh outside air to replace the stale air that is causing problems. Reversible window fans also work as vents to remove stale air from the space.