What Are the Benefits of Well Water Shocking?


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Some benefits of well water shocking include the prevention of coliform, iron and sulfur bacteria. Shock chlorination allows for the immediate correction of disease-causing bacteria in the water supply and the removal of other bacteria that affect the odor, taste and color of the water.

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While municipalities check their water supplies to ensure the water is safe to drink, owners of water wells must test and maintain them personally. If a water test indicates a bacterial contamination in the well water supply, shock chlorination is ideal. Although well water shocking corrects the immediate contamination, it is important to determine and fix the root cause of the contamination as well.

Shock chlorination involves the introduction of a strong solution of chlorine into the water source. The solution should be strong enough for the entire system to contain 200 milligrams per liter of chlorine. Pump some of the water so the chlorine solution reaches the entire plumbing mechanism for 12 to 24 hours.

If the pumping mechanism uses an activated carbon filter, remove the filter. Active carbon filters continue to work by removing the chlorine from the water. Back-wash other mechanisms, such as clean water softeners, sand filters and iron removal filters, with a chlorine solution.

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