What Are Some Benefits of Waterless Coolant?


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One advantage of waterless coolant is that it doesn't cause corrosion in metal parts of the engine because it doesn't have water in it. In addition, the boiling temperature of waterless coolant is much higher than that of regular coolant. This means that there is no need to pressurize the system to ensure that it doesn't boil over.

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Another benefit of the high boiling temperature of waterless coolant is that the cooling fan doesn't need to work as much. This saves the battery charge and fuel of the machine, reducing the fuel consumption by as much as 10 percent, states Evans Cooling. Another benefit of waterless coolant is that users don't need to change it, so the amount of dangerous waste created is much smaller.

A disadvantage of waterless coolant is that it isn't as common as regular coolant, so if there is a major issue and it is necessary to replace coolant or add more, users may have difficulty finding a service provider that has the necessary product. It is not possible to replace waterless coolant with regular coolant or with water. In addition, waterless coolant costs about twice as much as regular coolant, so for large equipment, it maybe very expensive to fill coolant reservoir to capacity at once.

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