What Are the Benefits of Water Reels Compared to Other Irrigation Systems?


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The benefits of water reels compared to other irrigation systems include easy irrigation in one pass and lower costs both initially and during maintenance. In addition, a water reel has the flexibility to irrigate at different depths depending on the soil type.

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A water reel is a portable method of irrigation where a reel of pipe is wound on a motorized machine. The pipe is connected to a water source such as a dam, pond or lake, and the machine then pulls the cart as it retracts, irrigating the land it covers as it travels. One benefit of a water reel over sprinkler irrigation is that it utilizes water efficiently. While water may be lost if it is spread overhead, the water reel system distributes water at the point of use.

Once the system has been set up, it requires little supervision compared to other systems of irrigation. In addition, the speed at which the reel travels can be adjusted, as can the amount of water dispensed. This makes it is easy to water many fields with one machine. To prevent impurities from being sucked into the pipe, a strainer is placed at the pipe’s end as the system draws water from the source.

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