What Are the Benefits of Wall Heaters?


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Benefits of wall heaters include low upfront costs, easy installation, small size, quick heat-up time and high heating capacity. Wall heaters also cut utility costs because of their low energy requirements with no need of a supply of gas to work.

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Wall heaters only need to be plugged into a wall socket, which eliminates significant installation costs and equipment, such as vents, ducts and cabling. Wall heaters mount directly to a wall surface with a mounting kit. Most of these wall heater units have thermostats and control panels built into them.

Wall heaters typically come as compact units that fit into tight spaces and tiny rooms. Despite their small size, most wall heaters boast a high-voltage heating capacity often within range of about 4,000 watts. Wall heaters usually have a fan within the unit to help disperse the warm air. While this distribution is not always as even as other types of heaters, wall heaters commonly heat spaces faster as they push the heat into the space rather than waiting for heat to radiate within a room. Although centralized heating systems may heat rooms more evenly and sometimes more quickly, these units often also blow allergens into a room which can create problems for those affected by allergies.

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