What Are Some Benefits of Vinyl Place Mats?


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Vinyl place mats usually serve for a long time, and their cleaning process is easy and requires only a wet cloth. Some types of vinyl mats are resistant to heat. Vinyl mats are also stain-proof and serve as good cushions and protectors from sharp edges.

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On the other hand, vinyl place mats often look cheap and tacky, as they're suited for casual dining rather than elegant meals. In addition, place mats that aren't specially treated for heat resistance are damaged easily by hot dishes.

Plastic place mats have most of the same characteristics as vinyl mats. Vinyl mats are best for use outdoors due to their durability. Many place mats for children are made of vinyl due to the material's easy cleaning procedures.

Some other place mat materials include paper, bamboo, wood and silk. Natural fabrics, such as cotton and linen, and synthetic materials, such as polyester, nylon, satin and rayon, are also popular in place mat production. All of these materials have distinct advantages. For example, natural fabrics have a luxurious look, and some synthetic place mats use recycled materials. Silk place mats are perfect for formal gatherings, bamboo place mats are environmentally friendly, and paper mats can be made at home.

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