What Are the Benefits of Vinyl Floor Mats?


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The main benefit of vinyl mats is that they're much cheaper than those of other materials. In addition, they're convenient to use in areas with a high risk of chemical exposure, as they're highly resistant to many harsh chemicals. Plus, vinyl mats come in a large variety of colors, so it's possible to find one that perfectly matches the color scheme of an area. However, vinyl mats absorb liquid quickly.

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The other popular material used for making floor mats is rubber. The main advantage of rubber mats is their durability. If the mat is to be located in a place with high traffic, rubber is ideal, as it doesn't wear out quickly under heavy use. Rubber mats are also very comfortable to stand on, as they provide a cushion.

In addition, the cleaning process of rubber is much easier than that of vinyl mats, as it's possible to power-wash and launder them. A vinyl mat might get ruined if cleaned this way. In addition, rubber mats are resistant to high and low temperatures. Plus, if they have a dam beveled border or cleated backing, they don't move around on the floor. The main disadvantage of rubber is its high cost.

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