What Are the Benefits of Vinyl-Coated Aluminum Siding?

The benefits of vinyl-coated aluminum siding include strength, durability and low maintenance it offers when compared to other siding materials. A vinyl coating reduces some of the disadvantages of aluminum siding, which can dent easily on its own. The paint on traditional aluminum siding chips, fades and scratches easily. Vinyl coating does not require paint, and applying it to aluminum strengthens the siding to reduce physical damage.

Vinyl coating hides scratches better than paint or enamel, and UV-resistant finishes add longevity by preventing fading. The aluminum base performs well in coastal regions, where the salt and moisture in the air react to form a durable aluminum oxide, which protects the siding from the elements.

Adding a vinyl coating to aluminum siding can eliminate the need to replace the siding with vinyl, but vinyl-coated aluminum siding is more expensive to install than aluminum or vinyl siding alone. While long-lasting, the color of vinyl-coated surfaces is difficult for homeowners to change, whereas they can easily update the color of aluminum with new paint.

Outdoor heat sources, such as grills and fire pits can damage vinyl-coated siding, and its heat sensitivity can create a fire risk by allowing fire to spread more easily from home to home.