What Are the Benefits of a Vinyl Bathroom Window?


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Vinyl bathroom windows are relatively low cost, operate easily, are maintenance free and provide good insulation. They are available in models for new construction and for retrofitting, which eliminates the need for repairing the walls after installing replacement windows.

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The high moisture conditions of the bathroom can damage wood windows and cause paint to peel. While vinyl windows do not require regular painting, manufacturers often limit color choices to white or beige, and painting them is not an option. As of 2016, many of the manufacturers who formerly offered darker colors of vinyl windows no longer make them due to problems with overheating from the sun. Fiberglass windows offer similar benefits, are available in darker colors and offer the option of painting.

Vinyl windows reduce the heat transfer that occurs through the frames of metal windows. They are available in double pane glass that also helps to reduce heat loss through the glass. Another option is low-emissivity glass that allows natural light into the bathroom while blocking the heat from the sun from overheating the room. When temperatures are warmer inside than outside the home, this glass helps to trap the heat inside, keeping the bathroom more comfortable. Double hung and sliding glass windows help to improve ventilation and moisture control.

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