What Are the Benefits of Vent-Free Natural Gas Heaters?


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Vent-free natural gas heaters offer an inexpensive and efficient way to heat living spaces. These heaters eliminate the cost of installing flues and deliver all of the heat they produce directly into the spaces where the users install them. They are fueled by natural gas, one of the least expensive options for heating fuel.

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Vent-free heaters can be installed in locations where it is not practical to install a vent to the outside. The engineering of these units eliminates most of the waste gases by using complete combustion. The only byproducts of complete combustion are carbon dioxide and water. Eliminating the vent allows the installation of these units in basements and lower floors of multiple story buildings without cutting flue stacks. There is no need to cut through the roof, ceilings or floors.

Natural gas is the simplest of organic gases. It offers many environmental benefits over fuels such as coal or fuel oil. As of 2015, heating with electricity costs about two times the price of heating with natural gas. The average cost of propane is almost three times that of natural gas, and heating oil is almost 3.5 times the price. A vent-free natural gas heater eliminates the heat loss of a vented heater and has no loss of heat through a duct system.

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