What are the benefits of a Varidesk adjustable desk?


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A Varidesk adjustable desk is easy to set up, cost-effective and sturdy. The desk also has several health benefits that result from standing when at the desk, including reducing the risk of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

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Setting up a Varidesk adjustable desk is fast and easy. The desk comes in a fully-assembled, ready-to-use mode and does not require tools to set up. Although lifting the desk may require two or more people, the design is easy to adjust up and down and requires minimal effort once the product is in the right position on the supporting furniture.

Varidesk���s adjustable desks work with existing furniture, eliminating the need to spend more money on new pieces. The company does not use resellers or distributors because it sells directly to customers, reducing storage and other costs associated with third-party sales. By selling directly to consumers, the company ensures that its customers receive authentic products.

While existing furniture may need replacement if it is weak, Varidesk adjustable desks are sturdy and durable. The company offers several models with various weight limits to minimize the risk that heavy items may damage the desk. Varidesk indicates its recommended weight limit for each model in the product���s manual. For example, the company recommends a weight limit of 35 pounds and 50 pounds for the Pro 30 and Pro Desk 54 models, respectively.

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