What Are the Benefits of Using Wood Fiber Cleaning Cloths?


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Wood fiber cloths are a good choice because they are strong and durable. They do not acquire the smells other cloths take on because they do not accumulate debris if rinsed thoroughly.

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Wood fiber cloths work well with soaps or detergents and with water. Most brands are eco-friendly and rinse 99 percent germ free. Wood fiber cloths can be reused many times without developing an odor and are machine washable in cold water. Wood fiber cloths should never be dried in the clothes dryer as it causes the fibers to break down.

Wood fiber cloths rinse free of most bacteria in warm water. They do not spread bacteria and germs the way sponges do, and save money by being reusable. Many brands of wood fiber cleaning cloths clean well on their own, reducing the need for cleaning chemicals.

Wood fiber cloths have many uses. Uses for them include dusting or cleaning the kitchen or bathroom. This type of cleaning cloth also works well for polishing or cleaning leather and take the place of paper towels.

There are plenty of different brands of wood fiber cleaning cloths available. Some of the highest rated are Mabu, DOC, Full Circle Pulp Friction and Duzi. Each of these brands is sold on sites, such as Amazon, and in stores all throughout the United States.

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