What Are the Benefits of Using a Tankless Water Heater Instead of a Tank?


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According to Charles W. Bryant for HowStuffWorks, tankless water heaters are better than tank systems because they continuously produce hot water without ever running out, and they save money on energy bills. They are also much smaller and easier to install in tight locations, and owners do not have to worry about the tanks flooding. Tankless water heater purchases are often incentivized with a tax rebate.

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Tankless water heaters last several years longer than conventional tank systems, and the electric models run more efficiently without creating greenhouse gases.

Bryant warns that tankless heaters also come with drawbacks, especially considering their hefty price tags. Gas models must be serviced annually and emit greenhouse gases, which is not ideal for environmentally conscious homeowners. They also require some modifications to be made to a home's natural gas piping, venting and circuitry. While the systems save on energy costs, they are likely to increase water usage because they must run for several seconds before the flow rate prompts the unit to release hot water.

According to Bryant, natural gas prices are expected to climb above electricity rates as of 2014. Overall, electric tankless water heaters are approximately half the cost of gas models, are cheaper to install and should be less expensive to operate in the long run.

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