What Are Some Benefits of Using Stained Glass Window Film?

Stained glass window film benefits include a decorative touch, blocking of 80 percent or more of ultraviolet light and increased privacy. A homeowner has the choice of installing the film on windows, doors, shower doors or glass-front cabinets. The material works on glass or plexiglass.

Installing the film on a window with an undesirable view can transform it into a point of interest for the room. Unlike covering the view with curtains or blinds, stained glass film allows natural light to filter through the window. Most films are easy to remove, making them a good choice for renters and homeowners.

Ultraviolet light causes the fading of flooring, upholstery and paint. Stained glass film with UV protection prevents this damage without blocking all the natural lighting from a room. The filtering effect increases the useful life of the materials and saves the consumer’s investment. However, stained glass film is less effective at reducing heating and cooling costs than some other types of window films.

Whether applied to a door, window or shower door, the film increases privacy. Depending on the pattern the installer chooses, the film may distort all views through the glass or continue to provide some transparency. With application to glass-front cabinets, the film masks the items inside from view.