What Are the Benefits of Using Sofa Risers?


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Sofa risers offer a quick way to elevate the seating in a home, making moving from a seated position to a standing one easier for residents with mobility issues. Risers are receptacle-topped blocks that fit onto the legs of the sofa to raise the seating up to 5 inches. If the resident no longer needs the increase in height, risers are easily removed so the sofa returns to its normal appearance.

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In order for the riser to work correctly the leg must be small enough to fit into the receptacle. Some sofas have large diameter legs that do not fit. Some risers have a large base that is a trip hazard for residents with visual impairments. Risers lift the sofa so the skirting no longer reaches the floor, leaving them exposed. However, it is often possible to hide the utilitarian look of the risers by adding a long slipcover to the sofa.

Owners of sofas with screw-in legs have the option of raising the seating height by replacing the existing legs with longer ones. Replacement legs are available in many home improvement or hardware stores. Replacing the legs changes the looks of the furniture less than using risers and eliminates the trip hazard; however, some sofas do not offer this option.

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