What Are Some Benefits of Using a Rotating Rack Baxter Oven?


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A rotating rack oven by Baxter generates consistent heat throughout the oven for even cooking, minimizes heat loss from opening the oven door and features an innovative steam system to minimize meat shrinkage. The oven also includes a heavy-duty rack for large food loads and digital controls for easy programming.

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Rotating rack ovens by Baxter include an innovative airflow system that uses a ceiling-mounted axial fan to bring air through the heat exchanger and disperse it throughout the oven chamber. As the oven rack lifts and begins rotating once the timer is set, each food item is heated evenly, eliminating cold and hot pockets. The self-contained spherical cast steam system helps to disperse moisture and heat, and it doesn't use nozzles that can be easily damaged by bad water quality, which may result in scaling and clogging.

Users can program a maximum of 99 menus into the oven to ensure a similar experience during each cooking session, and features such as a cool-down mode and four-stage baking make for simple customization. When the oven is stopped and opened, the rack automatically shifts to an unload position for easy food removal. For increased energy efficiency, each oven includes an idle mode that reduces energy consumption by 89 percent when the oven isn't in use.

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