What Are the Benefits of Using an Ozone Machine?


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The benefits of using an ozone machine include removal of odors, accelerated aging of certain materials and air purification. This machine has the ability to clear tobacco smoke and eliminate odors caused by bacteria or mold. Ozone machines also eliminate the smoke odor noticed in fire restoration jobs.

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Ozone is a colorless gas that occurs naturally as a result of lightning or natural smog. This gas is also produced by different forms of technology, electric motors and electronic air filters. Ozone machines produce this reactive and colorless gas that is heavier than air. Depending on the level, ozone is useful for sterilization, purifying water, accelerating aging of different materials and bleaching. The machine removes odors or smoke by purifying the air. This is accomplished by eliminating and decaying different types of mold or bacteria.

Ozone machines can are used in food processing plants to reduce bacteriological levels. This machine reduces the amount of chemical disinfectants used in the plant. Ozone machines are also commonly used in hotels or motels to clean the air between occupancies.

The machine creates ozone gas used to eliminate cooking odors, pet-related smells and smoke odors. In most cases, after ozone is released from the machine, the area smells similar to air after a thunderstorm, which is fresh and clean.

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