What Are the Benefits of Using Melamine to Paint Laminate Surfaces?


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Some of the benefits of using melamine to paint laminate surfaces include that the paint is relatively inexpensive and that it has a number of positive properties, including flame-retardant qualities. Melamine paint also comes in a variety of aesthetic colors and patterns.

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Additives in melamine paint make it a strong paint, so it comfortably sticks to laminate surfaces. Because melamine paint is so strong, it acts as a liquid plastic that covers and coats the laminate surface. Most other types of paint are not as thick as melamine paint.

Some styles of melamine paint create the look of granite without the cost of redecorating or purchasing expensive granite. Melamine paint also creates a varied look that allows the painter to shape and mold the design into the pattern he wants for the laminate surface. The paint is not too fragile or tricky for do-it-yourself projects, so amateur painters undertaking projects on their own save labor and paint costs.

Melamine paint lasts for long periods of time. Because of its flame-retardant qualities, it applies safely to a variety of laminate surfaces, including those close to electrical outlets. It is a sticky paint, so it applies firmly and easily to laminate surfaces throughout the home. Another benefit of melamine paint is that it comes in a variety of colors, so the painter has many styles and shades from which to choose.

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