What Are the Benefits of Using a Lawn Dethatcher Attachment With Your Mower?


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Using a dethatcher attachment on a lawn mower can help to eliminate the back breaking work of removing thatch by hand. A dethatcher cuts through thatch with either rotating blades or wire tines.

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Although dethatching a lawn is helpful to the grass in the long run, dethatching is a stressful procedure in the beginning. In order to dethatch using a dethatching machine or lawnmower attachment, the grass must be cut shorter than usual and dethatching works best on moist lawns.

Many people prefer using a dethatcher attachment over a dethatching machine since a dethatching machine is very heavy and hard to control. After dethatching, some people like to use a pre-emergent herbicide to prevent the weeds from growing again.

To dethatch a lawn, make sure the soil is moist, but not too wet. Make at least two passes with the dethatcher tool with one pass being at a 90-degree angle to the first pass. Rake up the debris and water and fertilize the yard. Homeowners who want to use an herbicide should do so right after dethatching. This will prevent the remaining seeds from germinating.

If the dethatching process results in a major grass loss, reseed the lawn right after dethatching. Fertilize and water as required.

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