What Are Some Benefits of Using Imron Polyurethane Enamel?

Imron polyurethane enamel is a high-quality paint and finish with notable durability, chemical resistance and long-lasting glossiness. It is an easy-to-use, single-stage topcoat product available in almost any color, and it offers good performance in terms of productivity and economy.

Imron 6000 polyurethane enamel holds up well to harsh environmental conditions, such as acid rain and UV radiation. The 5000 polyurethane enamel has advanced UV screeners and light stabilizers that help it withstand weathering and exposure to industrial chemicals. It also requires less coating and goes on in half the time of conventional urethane. Imron's 2000 polyurethane enamel is easy to apply, versatile and does not require the use of pressure pot equipment.