What Are the Benefits of Using a GE Dishwasher?


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The benefits of using a GE dishwasher include cleaner dishes that come from working with high-powered and high-quality equipment, the convenience of quiet dishwashing operation as well as easy loading and a clean, simple look that meshes well with modern kitchens. Modern GE dishwashers are also very energy efficient.

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A high-quality dishwasher can save homeowners both time and money, and using a GE dishwasher ensures that homeowners enjoy the decades of experience the company possesses. Advancements in technology and features pioneered or embraced by GE ensure that dishes are cleaned quickly and efficiently. Many GE dishwasher models boast features that add to convenience, such as easy maintenance, thanks to removable filters, and specialized trays that simplify the loading process while further enhancing washing effectiveness.

Wash zones on modern GE dishwashers let users wash the whole load or parts of a load as needed, cutting down on water and energy consumption. ENERGY STAR-qualified dishwashers can reduce utility costs by as much as $40 each year versus older washers manufactured before 1994, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, and these efficient machines can eliminate up to 230 hours of work over washing dishes by hand. Qualified GE dishwashers also provide improved disinfection rates.

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