What Are the Benefits of Using a Gas Vs. an Electric Water Heater?


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The benefits gas water heaters have over electric water heaters include higher efficiencies, low operating costs, a continuous hot-water supply, smaller storage-space requirements, reduced risk of power problems, more accurate temperature adjustment and quicker recovery rates.

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A gas water heater is generally less expensive than an electric water heater when it comes to heating water. Gas is more efficient because it uses less energy when heating as compared to an electric water heater. Furthermore, burning gas produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions than electricity.

Gas water heaters tend to keep the water hot for some time, whereas electric water heaters must be on for the water to be hot, contributing to high electricity bills. The recovery rate shows the amount of water that is heated in a given time period and by how many degrees in temperature. Gas water heaters have a recovery rate almost twice as fast an electric water heater. This means that one can get more hot water with the gas version while also reducing the amount of energy needed to store hot water.

There is at least one drawback with gas, however: although gas water heaters are less expensive to operate, they are more dangerous to use, as they may explode in the case of a leakage.

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