What Are the Benefits to Using an Extra Large Capacity Washer?

Some of the benefits of using an extra-large capacity washer include being able to wash more clothes with each load and wash extra-large items, such as comforters and large blankets, at home. Constantly overstuffing washers with smaller capacities can wear down drums, making a larger washer a longer-lasting solution.

Modern washers should last for at least eight years, and protecting the drum mechanism by ensuring homeowners have a washer that can handle the load helps buyers get the most out of their investments. Extra-large capacity washing machines can also effectively wash larger quantities of clothes in each load, allowing users to fit 15 pairs of jeans or more in a single wash. Large wash capacities provide plenty of room for washing thick comforters and heavy blankets, allowing the agitation system to ensure thorough cleaning of these heavy-duty items.

Modern advances in technology ensure that the latest extra-large capacity washers do not waste water or detergent. Load-size sensors in modern washers allow only the exact amount of water needed for each load into the drum, and time-release detergent chambers deliver cleaning action throughout the wash process. This cuts down on the amount of water needed and reduces or eliminates overuse of detergent.

Many of the larger capacity machines are also high-efficiency. These machines wash the clothes without an agitator, so the user is able to fit more clothes in a load. HE machines also reduce water and power consumption. Many of these machines have the Energy Star rating. HE washing machines are available in front-loading machines as well as top loaders, and many models have optional pedestals to lift the machine to a more comfortable working height.

Before shopping for new laundry appliances, the buyer should take time to measure the space available for the machines, especially when looking for those with larger capacities. Dryers require an additional 1-inch side clearance for ventilation and 6-inch back clearance for the exhaust vent. Top loading machines require 20 inches for opening the lid.