What Are Some Benefits of Using an Extra Large Capacity Washer?


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An extra-large capacity washer allows the user to reduce the number of loads of laundry he does. The larger tub also makes it possible to wash large, bulky items without overloading the machine.

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Washing machines are one of the longest-lasting appliances a consumer buys. For young families, purchasing a machine with an extra-large capacity ensures the machine is able to grow with the family's needs. Families that prefer to do laundry one day a week benefit from the larger loads.

Many of the larger capacity machines are also high-efficiency. These machines wash the clothes without an agitator, so the user is able to fit more clothes in a load. HE machines also reduce water and power consumption. Many of these machines have the Energy Star rating. HE washing machines are available in front-loading machines as well as top loaders, and many models have optional pedestals to lift the machine to a more comfortable working height.

Before shopping for new laundry appliances, the buyer should take time to measure the space available for the machines, especially when looking for those with larger capacities. Dryers require an additional 1-inch side clearance for ventilation and 6-inch back clearance for the exhaust vent. Top loading machines require 20 inches for opening the lid.

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