What Are the Benefits of Using Erosion Control Grass Seed?


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Erosion control grass benefits include an economical method of preventing the loss of soil in areas where projects remove the natural ground cover. These grasses also prevent compaction of the soil if a project is resuming in the future, add nutrients to the soil, reduce weeds, and reduce runoff from pesticides and chemicals. They help to reduce the impact of construction projects on wildlife. When choosing the erosion control grass, developers should consider its impact on the permanent landscaping plan.

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Erosion control grass seed mixes generally include grasses such as fescue and rye grass. Seed companies choose rapidly germinating grasses that help to provide quick protection for areas. Using hydroseeding techniques increases the germination time and rate.

Erosion control grass seed mixtures provide a temporary solution for construction projects when conditions prevent sowing the permanent ground cover. Keeping the ground covered with these plants reduces the need to replace soil washed away during the rainy season or eroded by wind when dry. The plants stabilize the soil, reducing the chances of a mudslide while keeping it loose enough to allow for penetration by water and nutrients so it is viable for the permanent cover. When it is time for the final planting, the vegetation from the erosion plants provides organic matter to improve germination.

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