What Are the Benefits of Using an Electrolux Air Purifier for People With Asthma?


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The Electrolux Oxygen Ultra Air Cleaner with HEPA Plasmawave removes pollutants from the air, a process that can allow asthma sufferers to breathe better, according to WebMD. This Electrolux air purifier uses a high-energy particulate (HEPA) air filter, according to Amazon.com.

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HEPA air filters are particularly effective because they were designed during World War II to prevent radiation particles from escaping laboratories, WebMD notes. Despite these filters' effectiveness, an asthmatic should not expect an air purifier to completely eliminate pollutants. Asthma symptoms can still flare up, for example, due to localized irritants such as dust mite feces.

Air filters are also incapable of removing all pollutants from wall-to-wall carpeting, and vacuuming is likely only to worsen symptoms, says WebMD. Moreover, air filters cannot combat pervasive pet dander, which is likely to be present as long as the pet stays in the home. It is important to place air purifiers in the rooms in which the asthma sufferer spends the most time, such as the bedroom, kitchens and offices, according to WebMD.

Using a three-stage filtration process, the Electrolux removes 99.97 percent of dust, allergens and bacteria from the air, according to Amazon.com. A disadvantage of these filters' power, however, is the higher energy bills associated with their use, says WebMD.

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