What are some benefits of using double doors as screen doors?


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Double doors, sometimes referred to as French doors, give the option of completely creating an indoor-outdoor space, allow for using screens on one or both doors, and are generally aesthetically pleasing. When the double doors completely swing open, there is an unobstructed view of the patio area. These doors usually use two retractable screen doors that pull out from either side and meet in the middle. Owners have the option of opening one or both screens or doors.

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As of 2016, open-concept homes tend to be architectural favorites. The living room, dining room and kitchen typically make up one big space, usually with an entryway into the backyard. If that entryway has double doors, swinging them wide open can create one big entertainment space. This home layout often has the outdoor entry off the kitchen, which makes it easier to prepare and serve food. The retractable screen doors keep the bugs out while still allowing those inside to chat with their guests.

The double doors have a symmetrical look, essentially framing the opening from inside or out. This offers an eye-appealing welcome to a backyard space, especially if that space has appealing patio furniture and lots of greenery. The twin retractable screen doors rarely detract from that welcome.

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