What Are the Benefits of Using Composite Decking?


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One of the benefits of composite decking is that it has a longer life than wooden decking and requires little maintenance. The diversity of composite decking allows buyers to choose their favorite brands and colors. Composite decking also retains its color for a longer time than wood.

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Composite decking is made of various recycled materials including hard plastic and wood. It was created as a replacement to wood decking, which is susceptible to cracks, molds and splinters. Additionally, wood decking requires regular treatment and sealing to retain its original appearance and feel. Although the initial price of composite decking is a little higher than wood decking, it is cheaper in the long run because of reduced maintenance requirements. Compared to wood, composite decking is better for walking on with bare feet because of the lack of splinters and lower temperature when heated by the sun.

For care, composite decking requires only periodic washing to remove any mold or stains. However, wood decking requires regular replacement of individual boards and repairs due to cracks and splinters. In addition, wood decking has to be treated with pesticides and heavy metals to protect it from pests, posing a health hazard to children, animals and even adults. On the other hand, composite decking is naturally resistant to pests such as molds, insects and fungi, and does not require these additives.

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