What Are the Benefits of Using a Commercial Linen Service?

Some benefits of using a commercial linen service include time and money savings, better quality results, code compliance and inventory management. A variety of businesses can benefit from linen services, such as small inns, restaurants, housekeeping companies and health care facilities.

Washing linens in-house can add many expenses to a business, such as extra employees, appliances, chemicals and utilities. A commercial linen service eliminates the need for these expenses and reduces the price of its own services by serving a large number of clients. It also frees up time for managers and existing employees to focus on more important tasks.

Commercial linen service employees have professional knowledge and access to the best cleaning products. This yields high quality results, such as improved stain removal, while reducing linen wear during the cleaning process. Additionally, high quality means the business owner does not worry about meeting local and federal linen hygiene codes, especially in medical facilities.

A linen service can also streamline the inventory process. Some services handle linen purchases for businesses and even track trends in usage. Business owners do not have to worry about keeping track of each piece of their linens or guess when they need to buy more.