What Are the Benefits of Using a Coal Stove?


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Coal stoves are clean-burning, cheap, use a fuel source that doesnot go bad and help keep money invested in United States industry. Coal used in coal stoves is mined primarily in the U.S.

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The coal stove is an old-fashioned heater, which is still found in some homes around the country. Some coal stoves are also used as boilers to heater water for cooking and bathing and to heat the rest of the home with steam. This type of heater is still useful for a few reasons. Coal is one of the cheapest fuel sources available. A ton of high-quality anthracite coal is less expensive than propane, but provides up to 8,200-kilowatt hours of electricity.

Anthracite is also a fuel that produces no smoke or bad smells, although a chimney is still required for that stove. It is also easy to store on the property, as it does not require a gas line or a pressurized storage tank. Coal doesnot go bad or spoil, so a large amount of it will remain good for years. This fuel source is available in bulk or in 50-lb. bags. Using a coal stove helps ensure that the money paid for fuel stays in the U.S., particularly Pennsylvania where anthracite coal is mined.

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