What Are Some of the Benefits of Using Coal to Heat Your Home?


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Advantages of using coal to heat a home include affordability, having a clean source of fuel, being able to store it anywhere and using it in place of a traditional hot water heater. Homeowners might also like the fact that the money they spend on coal remains in the United States rather than being used to financially support a foreign country.

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Coal is less expensive than using heating oil, propane or electricity. Usually, bulk and loose coal is less expensive than bagged coal. Environmentally conscious homeowners may enjoy the fact that coal is a clean-burning fuel that doesn't give off a noxious smell or smoke. Coal doesn't spoil and can be stored anywhere.

Coal used to heat up boilers is more efficient, mainly because it heats up the water instead of the air, which is the reason it's beneficial when used as a hot water heater. For larger residences, such as apartment complexes, consumers can use coal in steam or hydronic boilers where they can control the temperature individually with a thermostat.

One disadvantage of using coal to heat a home is that certain types, such as anthracite, are mainly found in a single region of the country, which can make it more expensive in terms of transportation cost. Homeowners also have to deal with dust as well as carbon monoxide emissions.

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