What Are the Benefits of Using a Ceramic Cooktop?


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The benefits of using a ceramic cooktop include easy cleaning, additional counter space, attractive appearance and energy efficiency. Ceramic cooktops are flat and incorporate electric coils under the surface to cook food. These cooktops provide a modern look that conceals the outdated and unattractive coiled heating elements of traditional stoves.

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Ceramic cooktops provide an aesthetically pleasing element to the kitchen that creates a sleek and modern look. This appliance is easy to clean as a result of incorporating a flat cooking surface. Cleaning a ceramic cooktop is effortless and consists of simply wiping down the surface to remove crumbs, stains and liquids.

Another benefit of using this appliance is the additional counter space. In a smaller kitchen, additional counter space is a valuable convenience. Placing foods on plates or serving food from the cooktop is a useful feature. However, preparing food directly on top of the appliance can scratch the surface.

Ceramic cooktops are also more energy efficient than other types of cooktops. This is the result of a feature that switches the cooktop on and off to manage heating output. The smooth surface of the appliance also transfers energy more efficiently. For some models, the energy efficiency rating can reach as much as 80 percent.

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