What Are the Benefits of Using an Attic Fan Cover?


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An attic fan cover keeps cold drafts from entering the living areas of the home during the winter months. It is easy to install and saves a significant amount on energy bills. While attic fans do cool the home during hotter months, a cover makes the colder seasons pleasant.

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Attic fans are a much more economical choice than a central air conditioning system. If the homeowner lives in a part of the world that is not particularly dusty and has relatively low pollen levels all year long, an attic fan can be preferable to central air. However, humid parts of the world cause the house to feel warmer than the outside, as the attic fan brings in the humidity.

If the chimney is in operation, the attic fan can draw carbon monoxide from the smoke back down into the house if the occupants have not opened enough windows. If the attic fan and chimney are in use at the same time, it is important to leave windows open and put carbon monoxide detectors close to the furnace and in all of the bedrooms. An attic fan cover reduces the risk of exposure to this toxin, but even with the cover in place, these precautions improve home safety.

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