What Are the Benefits of Upright Freezers Compared to Conventional Freezers?


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Upright freezers are more compact than conventional chest freezers. Upright freezers have interior lighting and are easy to clean and defrost. Shelves and drawers make it easy to view, organize and rotate frozen foods, especially small items.

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There are two types of stand-alone freezers, chest and upright. Because chest freezers are shorter than upright freezers, the former fit better in areas with less overhead space. Upright freezers are narrow and tall, and take up less overall floor space. The door of an upright freezer opens outward and the door of an upright freezer opens upward.

In general, chest freezers are more energy-efficient than upright freezers because less cold air escapes when the door is open. This also means that food in an upright freezer has a slighter shorter shelf-life and is more vulnerable to spoilage during a power outage. Placing temperature-sensitive food at the bottom of an upright freezer and opening the door less frequently extends shelf-life.

Because of the depth of a chest freezer, it may be difficult for shorter individuals and those with limited movement to clean and organize the unit. Upright freezers are organized like conventional refrigerators, with food placed horizontally on racks and shelves. This makes cleaning and organization easier, but also reduces the usable storage capacity.

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