What Are the Benefits of Timber Edging Around Your Yard?

What Are the Benefits of Timber Edging Around Your Yard?

Timber or wood edging is easy to maintain and comes in a variety of different sizes. Timber, even pressure-treated timber, will not harm the soil or plants and timber can be used to outline straight beds or raised beds.

Installing timber edging is quick and easy, even for novices, by digging a trench the same width as the timber and laying the boards down. Covering the boards at least halfway with soil and using spikes will help hold the timber in place when necessary.

Unless purchasing specialty timber, most timber planks, such as railroad ties, are very inexpensive. They can be placed individually to create a straight bed or stacked to create a retaining wall. Timber comes in a variety of lengths and dimensions and it works well in an area where the border receives a lot of pressure from the surrounding soil.

Pressure-treated timber will not rot and holds up for years, in varying weather conditions. Although most timbers are pre-cut, homeowners may cut the individual boards to the desired length to create a custom look for their yard.

It is possible to purchase timber edging at stores, such as The Home Depot and Lowe's. Prices vary according to length and type of wood, but start as low as around $3 per plank, as of October 2015.