What Are the Benefits of a Thermostat With a Remote Sensor?


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A thermostat with a remote sensor can save homeowners money on heating and cooling their home while ensuring the comfort of the residents, according to Safe Sound Family. In addition, the thermostat can prevent damage from incidents like burst water pipes or mold and mildew infestations.

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A thermostat with a remote sensor usually monitors temperature and humidity levels. The homeowner can access the information from the thermostat from a central control panel, by phone or online. Similar to other thermostats, one with a remote sensor keeps a home's temperature and humidity at set levels. If temperatures or humidity levels outside of a specified range are detected, which might happen during a power outage or other unusual event, the thermostat can notify the homeowner.

Some thermostats that include a remote sensor are smart thermostats. These thermostats learn from the homeowner's behaviors and preferences to adjust themselves automatically. They also include remote monitoring and control options, such as a smartphone application, allowing occupants to adjust the temperature before arriving home. Some smart thermostats track temperatures, humidity levels and energy usage for a set time period, such as a week or month, so that homeowners can learn how and when to save on energy costs and related expenses.

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