What Are the Benefits of Tankless Coil and Indirect Water Heaters?


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Both tankless coil and indirect water heaters are beneficial because they reduce energy consumption. These devices use the home's pre-existing heating system to heat water.

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Tankless coil water heaters provide hot water on demand. This means that less energy is consumed preheating a large amount of water. When hot water is requested, water from the cold supply line flows along a heating coil installed in the home's furnace, which brings the water to the required temperature. Tankless coil water heaters make use of the heat generated by the home furnace without additional energy consumption.

Indirect water heaters use the heat generated by the home furnace to warm a special fluid. This fluid then moves through a heat exchanger and into a storage tank. Energy stored by the water tank decreases the number of times the furnace turns on and off throughout the day. Reducing the amount of work that the furnace has to perform further conserves energy. When utilized with a high-efficiency boiler and well-insulated tank, indirect water heaters are one of the most economical water heating systems on the market as of 2015.

Several benefits come from reducing the amount of energy consumed by the household. These includes saving money and improving the environment.

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