What Are Some Benefits of Tall Pantry Storage Cabinets?


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Benefits of tall kitchen pantries include the ability to keep all of the nonperishable foods for meal preparation in a single location. The tall cabinet minimizes the floor space the home occupants use for food storage, and the addition of adjustable shelves allows the user to customize the pantry for specialty items that might not fit in shorter pantries. Tall pantries that feature pull-out drawers often provide more usable storage than walk-in pantries.

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Tall kitchen pantries are generally a part of the overall cabinetry in the kitchen. They offer practical food storage without having to walk to another part of the house to access the walk-in pantry. With walk-in pantries, most owners only use the front few inches of the space, with the remainder of the space wasted. Pull out drawers allow use of all the space for storage. When it is time to buy groceries, owners of well organized pantries are able to prepare a list quickly by glancing in the pantry to see which supplies are low.

Tall pantries offer floor to ceiling storage. While it is more difficult for short cooks to reach the top shelves, they provide additional storage for roasters and other cookware the family uses seasonally. However, in kitchens with limited counter space, they further limit the available surfaces.

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